Mediating Difficult Discussions

Mediation is getting an impartial person involved who is trained to help resolve issues. They can help identify and discuss issues that need resolving, consider possible ways forward and reach a solution that feels fair to everyone involved.

For us, Mediation:

  • Offers a practical approach to resolving disputes.
  • Helps sort out misunderstandings that have led to argument.
  • Focuses on what practically needs to happen to resolve the situation.
  • Enables those involved to retain control of how the situation is resolved.
  • Avoid going into damaging, sometimes public and often expensive, legal battles.
  • Helps to preserve important personal and business relationships.
  • Provide a forum for "without prejudice" confidential, open discussions where you can suggest ways forward without fear of your proposals being later used in legal action if you cannot agree.

Can it help?

Mediation can be of great help in a lot of situations. Those in disagreement do not always have to be amicable for mediation to work. You don't have to like the other person, you just have to find common ground.

Mediation is about helping people who are sometimes angry and upset with each other to find solutions for mutual benefit. It is important that everyone involved in mediation feels safe to take part and are able to contribute. 

When things get blocked and people stop talking with one another, everyone suffers. Mediation is about finding solutions that everyone can live with.