Working with EWM

Envisage works with a network of independent providers to source and deliver products and services. We aggregate providers to offer a range of services that can be packaged and managed to meet client needs.

Generally, larger institutions source most of their services internally, with only specialist services sourced externally. Modern technology and the Internet has made it feasible, cost effective and often preferable to manage a network of independent specialists to provide a very high level of service.

Excellence and Full Transparency in Service Management 

The founders of Envisage have extensive experience in service management in financial services. One reason why working with us may seem a little different at first. We take the point of view that services, and by this we also mean financial services, are commodities. With:

  • A standard, transparent price, for;
    • An agreed service level 
    • An agreed standard of quality 

All forming part of the engagement letters we agree with service providers and part of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) we agree with you.


Apart from transparency and reduction in conflicts of interest, some of the key benefits in working with us are getting a trusted, objective advisory firm to rely on to help with the following:

  • Help organize your financial life.
  • Cover risks to your financial future.
  • Analyse your abilities to save or spend.
  • Help you evaluate how to match the risk/return relationship of your investments to your own personal investment philosophy. 
  • Access to an advisor who pro-actively keeps you informed of changes and necessary adjustments in your financial situation. 
  • Be able to trust that your best interests are being served by a relationship with an advisor who knows about your financial situation, life goals, ability to live as you wish.
  • Have access to another "brain" for helping make difficult decisions.
  • Mediate difficult discussions between spouses and family members.  This is a value add we take very seriously. 
  • Keep your financial situation current by assigning responsibility tasks with accountability for completion of those tasks. 
  • Develop an asset allocation strategy that maximises expected return for the level of risk taken.
  • Utilise tax-efficient investing; including placing appropriate investments in taxable vs. tax-deferred accounts. In tax matters we work closely with specialist partners.
  • Achieve low costs using institutional platforms.
  • Avoid unproductive activities like market timing, pursuing fad investments, or holding concentrated stock positions.
  • Provide peace of mind through comprehensive financial advisory services from a holistic ‘Balance Sheet’ perspective.
  • As a registered independent advisor we maintain and cultivate relationships with some of Switzerlands leading private banks. With you, we work to find the best for your needs.

Invoicing, Billing and Payments Model

The service provider submits their invoice to EWM. We check the itemised invoice against services provided and anything delivered. All being well, EWM pays the service provider.

We then submit a consolidated invoice to the client, itemised according to client wishes; for example, by service provider, by deliverable. All being well, the client pays EWM.