The Envisage Forum

The power of a network increases exponentially to the number of users of that network.

The purpose of the Envisage Wealth Management Forum (EWM Forum) is to provide an open, neutral, transparent forum where wealth management; products and services, its forms, facets, quirks and practices can be openly discussed. It is also intended to be a networking aid - for both providers and clients. If you have a question, an issue, an experience to tell or are looking for a discussion on a particular subject, here we want to build the network for you to tap into. This is the value-add of the EWM Forum.

One of the big issues in Wealth Management, Private Banking and Asset Management both in Switzerland and globally is a lack of transparency. Obviously, it is not in many market participants interests to disclose all aspects of their business and general business practices (Eg., Retrocessions). The often intransparent nature of the wealth management business often results in conflicts of interest. Some are disclosed and dealt with, some are not. The best way to deal with a conflict of interest is to shine lots of light on it. As awareness of a particular issue or conflict of interest grows, it generally becomes much less a problem. It is either negotiated away or built into calculations and contracts. 

The EWM Form shares the common Internet forum trait - or opportunity - for anonymous discussion. Users choose a user name which may or may not reflect their real name. 

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Your user name can be virtually anything (indecent or offensive user names will of course be deleted).

Your given Email address is strictly confidential and is never shared outside the firm. Your Email address is not visible to other forum members and participants.


This Forum/networking platform is potentially a means for international providers, clients and investors to keep their finger on what's going on. It is potentially a general information exchange platform enabling a continual information exchange.  Where people are continually posting. For example, a new tax law is passed - it gets discussed here first. What are the implications? 

The vision is a flexible, multifaceted, multipurpose platform for networking.

The more people on, the more powerful it will become. Register here.