Is a basic Wealth Management service. Tax planning is provided as part of an integrated package and is critical to a balanced WM strategy. It must be integrated with other components of the balance sheet and it must make sense in the context of the overall strategy. EWM has partnerships with a number of tax specialists. The appropriate specialist is selected based on the needs of the client.

Many people lose sight of the goal of tax planning. The goal of efficient tax planning is maximisation of after-tax income. Not minimisation of tax paid.

Tax planning is a key ingredient for success in providing “ahead of the pack” client service. The appearance and rise of life-cycle products is creating a need for comprehensive understanding of changing taxation issues and laws, including cross-jurisdictional tax. Tax-efficiency in client solutions through appropriate tax-planning is critical. EWM stresses that what matters most is maximising after tax return, not necessarily minimising tax. A good investment return can be annihilated by inappropriate (dumb) or “stand-alone” tax planning.

Through our network, we:

  • Advise on national and international taxation
  • Set up wealth planning vehicles and structures (companies, trusts, foundations, partnerships, holding companies)
  • Advise on tax advantages and disadvantages of specific insurance products
  • Apply legal principles to Swiss, Liechtenstein, German, British, French, Italian, American jurisdictions

EWM manages legal services as part of a portfolio of services provided. 

Tax Issues

Many wealth managers consider tax planning an area of low profitability (with cause, the tax planner gets the fees), so it tends to be done more as a client courtesy. Though to be fair, many wealth managers do build tax consequences into strategies and products, it still tends to be a neglected area. EWM charge a fee for the intermediation, integration or implementation of a tax strategy or structure.