Company, trust & foundation

Private Company Formation

Envisage can help you set up limited liability companies in virtually any jurisdiction you choose. We often combine a limited liability company with other strutures. We carefully manage and control the process of setting the company up and managing carefully ongoing maintenance.  

Trust Formation & Maintenance

We can help set up and maintain Trusts. We support Trusts in all common jurisdictions. Note that Swiss civil code does not itself support the notion of a trust, but since recognition of the den Hague convention in 2007 does recognise the concept in other jurisdictions. I.e., you can’t set up a trust in Switzerland, but the terms and conditions in the jurisdiction it was set up in will be respected and enforceable under Swiss law. This also enables the use of Swiss-based trustees for an off-shore trust.

Liechtenstein has a well developed civil code trust law. Please click here for a discussion on Liechtenstein Trusts.

Private Foundation (Stiftung) Formation

A Private Foundation (Stiftung) is similar to a trust, but a civil code construct as opposed to the Trust which until recently has been a common law construct only. It is a very effective wealth, tax planning and philanthropic giving instrument with an own legal identity.

The Principal transfers assets to the private foundation which is then endowed for specific purposes as defined in the by-laws, e.g., maintenance, support, education and livelihood of various family members, specific individuals or a charity. The assets pass from the personal estate of the Principal to the Foundation. The Private Foundation has its own internal administration - the Foundation Council - for the conduct of its affairs.

More on trust law in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.