Other Services

Wealth Management today involves a variety of other things. This may include for example:

  • Setting up a family health plan - ensuring the worlds best health care for the family.
  • Ensuring access to the worlds best education and setting up the necessary structures.
  • ExoticTravel.
  • Objects of desire.
  • Concierge services.
  • Lifestyle services. 

We realise that time is one of your most precious commodities. It's certainly one of ours. So we look to simplify some of the other things by serving as your single point of contact, incorporating other aspects of your financial life into a comprehensive plan.

Why do we think this is important? One big reason was impressed on us during an actors workshop in San Francisco, the actor and director Sean Penn was asked what was most important to him in his life and how he coped with the various demands. He looked at the student and came back with the question;

"How does a child spell love? "



The point of these other services is to get some of these other things in one place, so you have time for what is most important in life.