Investment Management

Is the professional management of various securities (shares, bonds etc.) and assets (e.g., real estate), to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investor.
We are a registered Independent Asset Manager in Switzerland. We can:

  • Open investment accounts for you at selected banks
  • Manage your account
  • Delegate management of the account to another professional portfolio manager
  • Take control of your existing investment account
  • Execute orders on your behalf

We can perform sanity checks on investments as well as act as a sounding board. We carefully control and monitor investment account developments as well as adherence to the policies agreed on in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We believe in a low cost investment strategy following a conservative approach with the objective of achieving a long-term positive real rate of return.

We are open, but rather skeptical on the benefits of active management. Click here for a discussion of the pros and cons of active management.

Our basic asset allocation recommendation is a fixed income to equity allocation of 65:35.  The specific individual investment strategy is always formulated together with you as part of the IPS.

To maintain full independence and reduce conflicts of interest, we do not take Retrocessions or kickbacks in any shape or form. All Provisions, Discounts, Retrocessions and other monetary benefits negotiated with partner banks, fund managers or product providers are rebated to our client for the benefit of our client.
Our only income from asset management is the annual management fee.

There are any number of investment strategies and asset allocations possible. For smaller and medium portfolios though, they tend to broadly follow one of the strategies below.

Managing it over time

We take a very pragmatic approach to managing assets. The IPS is drawn up on the basis of discussions of goals, constraints and other factors using the questionnaire. Implementation can involve several providers, depending on how complex the situation is. Feedback and Review occur at least once a year on a formal basis and more often if required.