Institutional Independence

Our approach to wealth management is client centered. Our full resources and commitment as a firm are focused on you and your interest. As an independent firm, Envisage Wealth Management is free of the conflicts of interest faced by wealth managers and relationship managers at larger financial services organisations. Our selection of investments and services is fully independent. Wherever in the world your need or opportunity may be. 

Team Independence

Envisage uses a network of independent professionals. We work to align our efforts and the efforts of the network with your interests. Envisage takes a personal approach to structuring and managing wealth, our aim is to become a valuable and trusted ally capable of managing and growing your assets - on the basis of what we deliver. We offer a breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to even begin to satisfy the complex financial challenges of wealthy individuals and their families. 

Compensation Independence

Envisage are a fee only firm. This means we do not take commission income, retrocessions, kickbacks, trailer fees or any other non-fee income. This enables us to work in your best interests avoiding the conflict of interest inherent in multiple, commission based income streams. What this means for you is we are under no pressure to push fund and structured products with high fees and charges.