Financial Planning

Envisage focuses primarily on the investment management aspects of financial planning. Which is about working to help you define, review and attain your financial goals and objectives and reduce risk. 

Putting the plan together

We will involve subject matter experts and other specialists in the process, depending on how complex your needs are. Tax and retirement planning in particular can be extraordinarly complex. Moreover, in the case of entrepreneurs, asset protection planning is becoming increasingly important. 

Financial planning can include:  

  • Life Goals Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Personal Risk Planning
  • Personal Protection Planning
  • Tax Planning and Mitigation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning 
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Trusts

You may want support in calculating and allocating future income to expected expenses, for example education or real estate purchases. This may also include an investment plan, allocating income or savings to various assets or projects. It may include purchasing a house and comparison of mortgage rates and financing. It may be education or health care.

Compliance, Tax and Legal Issues

We see people becoming more aware of compliance and legal issues around the management of their wealth. The changing legal and regulatory environment, particularly in the wake of the financial crisis combined with currrent push for more transparency, particularly in tax matters has created a number of issues. It may be that a strategy or structure that was put into place long ago ago is no longer relevant or has become problematic. There may be issues which require attention.

We can add value where there is a need to manage and coordinate cross-jurisdictional activities. With a corresponding need to manage and coordinate people and activities across geographies. This may be implementation of strategy and structures laid out by an advisor, a law firm for example.