Balance Sheet Management

Is best described as a holistic service for HNWIs and their families resident or non-resident in Switzerland to take over all or part of the elements of their financial affairs and act as a personal CFO. It's the classic Business Manager role.

Services are delivered through the network of service providers and managed by EWM. This is open-architecture Wealth Management in its broadest and most effective sense. It is approaching providing family office services to HNWIs and their family. Service providers who deliver are rewarded on results, service providers who are not delivering can be easily changed without influencing the structure as a whole.

EWM split balance sheet management into two broad classes:

Asset Management

EWM manage and administer whatever assets our client chooses to entrust to us. This may be financial assets, real estate, cash, physical assets, rental agreements, etc.

Liability Management

Liability management has been steadily increasing in importance over the last few years and has become a key service area. Liability management, simply put, involves working out what a particular client can reasonably expect to have to pay out over the coming few years and the periodicity of those payments.

Combining Asset & Liability Management involves then matching expected cash outflows with timed cash inflows. The last step is ensuring that expected inflows actually happen and the outflows get paid out and are correct.