Advisory Process

EWM uses an iterative advisory process.

  • Situation Analysis builds an overall picture of your situation. Everything you wish to have managed; wealth, financial and non-financial investments, liabilities, income, tax profile and any expected transfers. 
  • Proposal and Solutions develops an implementation and maintenance strategy. Subject matter experts and specialists are usually involved to help develop technical aspects.
      − Output is a set of proposals & recommendations summarising input and solution
      − You are consulted for further input and agreement
  • Agreement and Implementation executes relevant transactions and a maintenance process is put in place.
  • Review puts a schedule for regular reporting and formal review into place for progress towards goals and change management for necessary adjustments.
      − Things change, goals are reached, new goals are set
      − Laws change requiring adjustments to strategy
      − Individuals and families grow
  • At regular intervals, the basic profile is revisited, goals and objectives looked at once again.