Envisage Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm focusing on Wealth Management.

Envisage helps and assists its clients set up and maintain structures to assure and guarantee the growth, privacy, confidentiality and safety of client assets.

The Envisage goal is to fill both the "Trusted Advisor" role and the “Business Manager” role. While most people using wealth management services have relationships with multiple providers, we believe that many people are looking for ways to simplify their lives. That many are looking for long-term “Business Managers” who can help them navigate complex topics and strategies over time.

We are fee only, fully transparent and have a full-disclosure policy. We do not take Retrocessions, Kickbacks or any other commissions on products sold. When discounts are negotiated in the normal course of business, they are passed on to the client for the benefit of the client. As an independent advisor and sounding board, we take conflicts of interest seriously and feel strongly that it is important that our perspective is not influenced by vested interests.

We see people becoming increasingly “hands-on” and sophisticated. As a result, people look for advisors they can trust for comprehensive wealth management services, not only guidance on investments. In effect, independent managers with knowledge of multiple service and product areas, with relationships to experts in the fields.

We work to understand you in the context of a larger relationship encompassing personal and family finances plus business partnerships or estate planning. On this basis, there are two ways to go:

  1. Wealth Planner: Holistic advice in accordance with your finances and short-/long-term goals, such as real estate, retirement and generational wealth transfer
  2. Personal CFO: Provide quasi family-office services, often acting in a lead discretionary role coordinating with your other advisors.


Martin Straub 

Martin founded Envisage in 2009 and has over 20 years experience in financial services with a variety of institutions. He began his career in investment banking with Merrill Lynch. In 1998 he joined Accenture, the global management consulting firm. Working in the Strategic services unit in the financial services practice, Martin led and worked in projects in private and investment banking, private equity & venture capital, capital markets and industry.

After leaving Accenture in 2003, Martin became an independent management and strategy consultant, continuing to work in global wealth management, private banking and the global life insurance industry. Martin has performed investment advisory, direct asset management, trust setup, life insurance structuring and other advisory work for private clients. With the advent of the American Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the OECD Common Reporting Standard, Martin became involved in planning and structuring in an environment of full automatic information exchange. This includes regularisation of the existing situation. Particular interests include the issues of data security and client confidentiality in the face of universal information.

Martin graduated from Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics & Accounting (1992) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (1990). He can be reached at: Tel. +41 44 389 8412 Email. martin.straub@spam-preventionenvisage.ch